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Penrite Pro Gear 85W-110 1L

Pro Gear 85W-110 is a premium mineral, SAE 85W-110, heavy duty gear oil formulated with a special, highly effective extreme pressure additive system to provide ultimate performance and protection under all operating conditions. It meets the performance requirements of API GL-5 as well as many other manufacturers specifications.

Pro Gear 85W-110 is designed for use in manual gearboxes and hypoid differentials of competition vehicles, passenger cars & 4WDs, light & heavy duty commercials, trucks, buses, agricultural and earthmoving equipment as well as in Harley Davidson FL/FX series motorcycle transmissions.

Pro Gear 85W-110 can be used in applications requiring a SAE 80W-90 or SAE 90 gear oil or where a thicker oil film is required especially where consistent high temperature operations and/or extreme loads are encountered.

Pro Gear 85W-110 can be used to replace SAE 140 or 85W-140 gear oils in differentials. The enhanced load carrying capacity of Pro Gear 85W-110 means that running temperatures may be lowered due to the viscosity and friction reducing properties of the specialised EP system.

Pro Gear 85W-110 can be used in industrial gearboxes where an API GL-3, ISO 320 or 460 oil is specified and in worm gears. It will provide longer gear set life in these applications.

Pro Gear 85W-110 may also be used truck and bus differentials and gearboxes (not Spicer), where the synthetic-like properties can extend oil drain intervals. It will also provide enhanced protection for trucks and buses operating in hot environments where SAE 80W-90 oils are considered too thin.

Pro Gear 85W-110 should be used with caution if there is likely to be water contamination in the gearbox or differential as the additive system is water soluble and seal degradation may result.