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Penrite Multifleet Diesel 15W-40 10L

Multifleet Diesel is a high quality, premium mineral, SAE 15W-40, mid ash diesel engine oil formulated with high quality additives and premium hydrocracked mineral base oils. It exceeds the requirements of API CI-4/SL and ACEA E7.

Multifleet Diesel is designed predominantly for use in 4, 6 & 8+ cylinder multi cam, naturally aspirated, supercharged, turbocharged common rail & direct injection four stroke diesel engines. It can be used in engines across a wide range of US, European and Asian manufacturers.

Multifleet Diesel can be used in both heavy duty and light duty diesel engines in trucks, cars, light commercials and SUVs (without DPF or cooled-EGR) and it may also be used in petrol engines where API SL or lower is required and in mixed fleets of Petrol/LPG vehicles. It may also be used in pre 2008 European petrol engines that require ACEA A3/B3 performance level.