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Penrite MC Foam Filter Cleaner 1L

Foam Filter Cleaner is a specially formulated product, for cleaning motorcycle foam filters. It is a ready to use, non caustic and water soluble cleaner that effectively removes trapped dirt, tacky filter oil, grease and other contaminants from foam filters and washes away thoroughly. Its advanced formulation cleans effectively and prevents deterioration of the foam ensuring longer filter life. It does not leave harmful deposits or residue that could rust or corrode engine parts or damage the engine via inhalation. The cleaner's ability to remove oil, grease and other contaminants also makes it an extremely effective engine and parts degreaser. It is coloured white.

Foam Filter Cleaner can be used on all types of foam filters. It is especially effective on heavily soiled filters that need regular cleaning such as those used in motor cross and off road competition. It can also be used on normal road and sport bikes, ATV, Sprint Cars or other vehicles that have washable foam air cleaners.

Foam Filter Cleaner can also be used on foam filters in off-highway equipment such as mowers and compressors, and is very effective in removing grease and dirt from metal, paintwork and concrete. It is also a very effective engine and parts degreaser for everyday use.