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Penrite Octane Booster 375ml

Octane Booster is a fuel treatment designed to enhance the octane rating of regular 91 (RON) unleaded octane petrol. It is formulated to increase the octane rating by up to 2.5 when used at a ratio of 375ml per 50 litres of petrol. Its unique formulation improves power & acceleration, enhances fuel economy, prevents engine detonation damage, reduces "" with low octane fuel and provides protection against valve seat recession. It will also keep injectors clean for optimum performance and economy.

Octane Booster is designed for use in all petrol engines in passenger cars, 4WD', light & heavy commercial vehicles, motorcycles, marine and stationary engines. It can also be used in competition vehicles to increase power and performance.

Octane Booster will readily mix with all types of unleaded fuels. A 2.5 increase in octane rating is dependent upon the fuel being used and is based upon regular 91 unleaded petrol. The increase in octane rating will vary between different grades of petrol.