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Powerplus Tyre Sealant 350g

Powerplus Tyre Sealant  instantly repairs punctures and inflates tubeless tyres
quickly and effortlessly.
1. Carefully remove the cause of the puncture and position the
puncture at the base of the wheel. Deflate tyre completely.
2. Shake can well. If cold, use the car heater to warm can.
Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50ºC. Invert can
and attach connection fitting firmly to the tyre valve.
3. Remove cover and press button to inflate tyre. Expel entire
contents of can.
4. Disconnect can and immediately drive car 5-10km to allow
puncture to seal. Adjust to normal tyre pressure as soon
as possible.
WARNING: Powerplus Tyre Sealant is a temporary repair designed to get you
home or to the nearest garage. Travel at reduced speeds, do not exceed
50km/h. For safety reasons this product is not recommended for use on
motorcycle tyres or other two-wheeled vehicles. Not suitable for larger
holes or repairs of tyre walls. Do not use with a torn inner tube. The
tyre should beprofessionally repaired at the earliest possible
STORAGE PRECAUTIONS: Store can only in the boot of your car.
deliberately concentrating and inhaling contents can be harmful
or fatal.
HIGHLY FLAMMABLE: Do not incinerate or puncture can even when