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New & Improved Powerpack 2
Now includes a DC - DC car charger and two USB sockets

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Convert your 12V battery into a portable power source.
 Built-in 6 stage 1.5 amp smart charger that conditions and prolongs the life of your battery.
 Fuse protected 10 amp, 12V DC accessory socket
 Powers and recharges all your essential and non-essential 12V devices.
 Keyed battery isolator: for maximum safety and sercurity
 Protected external terminals: 2 x high current 12V terminals
 Tough, weather resistant case: protects your battery from dirt, dust and moisture
 Mounting brackets: for securing and also quick release
 12 months warranty
The Ark Powerpack 2 is ideal as a portable power source when 4WDing, camping, boating or caravanning.
It features an easy to monitor power level and extends the life of your battery without over charging.
In addition, the Powerpack 2 is capable of accepting charge from solar panels and vehicle alternators.

Internal size: Length: 330mm x Width:180mm x Height: 240mm
Appliances                                     Rating          Hours
Refrigerator 37L (12V)                       30W             170
Television 19" LED (240V)                 18W               80
Communications devices (12V)          10W               96
Laptop (240V)                                  12W              120
Winch 1130kg @ 75% load (12V)   1200W                 0.5 (30mins)
Spot light 4600 lumens (12V)           100W               10
LED light 320 lumens (12V)              3.2W             300

Important: Appliance guide is based on the Powerpack 2 being fitted with a 12V 130ah deep cycle battery. Rating and running times are a guide only, Chdependent on the use and conditions.
Some devices may require an additional 12V adaptor to run off the Powerpack.